Designed at Davidson Architecture & Engineering

A mixed-use development with three stories of rentable office space and a single-story wing dedicated to retail.

Develop a comprehensive strategy for construction and energy-efficiency that is consistent across both functions.

The design went through three iterations — Neo Prairie Style (not presented), Mid-Century Modern, and Contemporary.

The Mid-Century Modern design option

After thorough self-critiquing, the Mid-Century Modern option was replaced with a contemporary design that focused on utilizing tilt-up concrete and steel truss construction to create effective daylighting for the interior spaces.

Tilt-up concrete with stone panel cladding are set east and west to protect against the harsh morning and afternoon sun, while glass curtain walls underneath cantilevering roofs permit desirable northern and shaded southern light. Windows on the east and west face of the office wing are shaded by metal louvers that also function as aesthetic gutters.

(1) commercial glass curtain wall blocks — (2) pre-cast retaining walls
(3) tilt-up concrete shear walls — (4) solar shading louvre-gutters