Design a cultural center in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria that occupies the entirety of a 750,000 sq ft area and negotiates a steep slope

Use a “woven landscape” to link separate functions of the culture center with outdoor public space


Inspired by the African “infinity loop” as a symbol of interconnection and eternity, sectional overlapping of building (defined by a roof plane) and landscape creates terraces that establish floor levels and outdoor platforms for public space.

the woven landscape

The terraces negotiate the steep slope of the site to allow pedestrian access from all sides and vehicular access from the north, which are signified by the intersection of the “building weave” with the street edge.


Programmed space for the cultural center branch out from the center of the weave, where the sectional overlap of the building and landscape intersect to create an atrium. Functions are separated into three branches:

Knowledge (east) – library and lecture hall
Art (west) – art gallery
Entertainment (north) – movie theater and outdoor amphitheater

art gallery


Structural support of the overlapping planes are provided by sheer walls that intersect to permit natural light, which is reflected by native wood paneling to bring warmth to interior spaces.